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Summary A .Net application for tracking one's time
Category process
License Apache License
Owner(s) cmumford


The goal of TimeLog is to become a useful tool that any user could use to record the tasks on which they work.

TimeLog is useable, but still very much under construction. It currently has the following features:

  1. Ability to record predefined tasks. i.e. start stop, etc.
  2. Task definitions are hierarchical.
  3. All data, tasks and their definitions, are in XML format.
  4. Display the current tasks visually using the CalendarDrawer assembly in a week view.
  5. Generate weekly reports in HTML format.
  6. Export weekly data in CSV format.


The features that I would like to add to this application are too numerous to list here. Please see this projects to-do page.


  • This assembly is written in C# using Visual Studio 2003 and is running under Microsoft's .Net 1.1.
  • All unit tests, and they will eventually be numerous, will be written and run via NUnit.
  • The main development script will be NAnt. Visual Studio will still be required to build, but the higher level script is NAnt.
  • TimeLog depends on the MiscUtil and the CalendarDrawer projects. If you want to build this source you will need to checkout all three of these projects in the same local directory.